Particularly in their early years, children possess great developmental potential. This potential is best developed in a safe atmosphere. Our educators create a warm supportive environment for our children. Every child in our care should feel respected, valued, and supported in his/her development.

The pedagogical guidelines of the Stella Children’s Groups were developed by parents in collaboration with education experts and adapted to the needs of families. They build on the need to consider education holistically, even in early childhood. Character formation as well as the spiritual dimension of the child paly important roles, as well as knowledge acquisition.

In order to implement our concept, we work with homogeneous age groups, since this affords the widest age-appropriate support. One teacher and one assistant take care of the children entrusted to us, with careful attention. A clearly structured daily routine with recurring rituals provides the children with the best framework within which to learn. Each child is perceived with its own individual needs and is supported according to its own particular nature.

Through positive motivation we want to encourage children to learn new things and to grow personally. Through a joyful atmosphere and loving approach of the educators, the children are encouraged to take further steps in their development.