Early Intervention

Early Intervention

Everything at Stella, from the morning circle to free play to meals together, contributes to the positive development of our children. In addition, we set tasks to provide positive challenges for them:

  • Promoting language and imagination: through picture books, stories, poems and puzzles

  • Promoting psychomotor learning: through a movement pathway to connect the two halves of our brain

  • Encouraging sensory perception: through exercises of touch, feel and taste (for example, through a feeling wall for the little ones, or by cooking together)

  • Promotion of creativity: through regular crafts

  • Promotion of ordinary life activities: through Montessori materials (such as pouring and arranging)

  • Encounter with the English language: through playful learning once a week for our older children

  • Encounter with art and culture: by listening to a few minutes of classical music every day and through series of pictures on specific topics

  • Encounter with nature: through daily time in the garden and through a nature treasure chest, with which children learn to marvel at the cycle of nature

  • Preparing for entry into school: through targeted pre-school exercises, which should help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the children in order to counteract difficulties at an early state